4 Days! Spray Cans! Graffiti! Streetart!

4 Days! Spray Cans! Graffiti! Streetart!

Spray cans! We’re gonna try to get some spray cans at delhi because doing graffiti isnt as deprecated or illegal as in germany. so we might redesign some walls 🙂

I also try again to write in english when i have the time so our english speaking fellas dont have the hassle around with google translate…

Sadly Saurabh is very busy at the time we’re in india and i’m so glad that we’ll still gonna spend some days together in the himalaya 🙂 We’re really looking forward to meet Yadu, a friend of saurabh, who’s gonna help us to find our way around delhi.


Über Niko

For Saurabh: "Once you asked me how my journey to India would affect my life in my western home country...I can tell you now: It changed my thinking subconsciously, my behaviour, my outlook on life and the world as a whole. It changed my personality and strengthened my character. But still I am the same person. But I know: If I lose everything - there is a place in the world that will calm me down and cushion me. It's like having a second home..."

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